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Doula Interview with NPR | Jan. 2023

At the start of the year I had the honor to interview with Robyn Vincent of In The NoCo about the reality of being a Doula. Click HERE to be redirected to their website, then click the blue "LISTEN" BUTTON to listen to the interview.

As you all may or may not know, I officially started my Full Spectrum Doula journey last year in 2023. I joined the first Doula cohort at Mama Bird Maternity where we had a year full of monthly workshops and trainings varying from self care to bereavement to cannabis. That year I also received my Professional Doula Certification from Allo Doula Academy. It was such an expansive experience. Between clinicals at the hospitals, taking on my own clients and most recently finishing the Certified Lactation Educator course, I fell deeper and deeper in love with this soulwork. The picture in the article was the mural I painted at Mama Bird in 2021 before I was a Doula. This was my foot in the door and Birdie, owner and founder of Mama Bird, encouraged me to take the leap into birthwork so here I am. I owe my Doula journey to her. 

Hopefully I will have my Doula website setup soon where you can find more details on my business and how to hire me as your Doula. 



Warren Village Mural | Oct. 2023

Soul2Soul Sisters commissioned myself, Aisha Rene, Faatma Be One and Holly Kai Hurd to paint a mural over at Warren Village. Faatma and Holly designed the mural and Aisha and myself painted it. This was the first time we split up the duties of the mural in this way and it worked out beautifully. It was such a joy to see the residents come in and out and see us adding this pop of sunshine, love and community into their space. Watch below for a progression video.


Colfax Canvas - Mango House | Sep. 2023

I was one of 10 artists chosen to participate in this year's Colfax Canvas Mural Festival. I had the lovely opportunity to paint along artists (and now friends) Sandra Fettingis, James Brutus and Tessa Fuqua. If you don't know about Mango House it is an amazing resource in our communtiy. This building houses a medical office, dental office and a plethora of resturaunts and small businesses all owned by immigrants and people of color. Watch below for a progression video.


Adorned In Affirmation Workshop | June 2023

  It's that time of year again!! Come out to make earrings with me again. I literally love teaching this workshop and connecting with my community. Each and every one of us is an artist and this class always reminds me of this truth. Thank you to my sisters Confidence Omenai and Haley Sanner for always putting me on!


Lactation Room Mural | Jan 2023

I was commissioned by Mama Bird Maternity Wellness Spa to paint a mural in their new lactation room. This was extra special timing because a couple of weeks prior had I completed my first Birth Doula certification program over at Allo Doula Academy. I feel so blessed to paint such meaningful pieces in sacred spaces. Alhumdulillah. Watch the video above to see the process! 


Artist Feature at NorthWestern University, Chicago | Nov. 2022

I have been invited to share some of my artwork, both visual and written at this event. I will share some of my poetry at the opening along with creating two comissioned paintings for the musalah (prayer room) for the Northwestern University's Cultural Muslim Students Association. Really feeling honored to be able to contribute to such a sacred space. Alhumdulillah for the ways Allah has blessed me. 

If you are in the Chicago area come out this weekend to attend this event. 

Northwestern University - Lutkin Hall
700 University Pl, Evanston, IL 60208

Can't wait to see you all! 


Featured in Bronze Magazine Online | November 2022

I was able to discuss the deeper meaning behind my "Blood Moon" painting with journalist LaToya Bicko. Bronze Magazine Online republished this article, it was originally published on The Maverick Observer. I really enjoyed sharing my inspiration behind this painting. It's critical that we remove the stigma associated with menstruation and replace it with truth and beauty. To read the full article click HERE.

The original painting is still available for purchase. If you are intersted you may email me at [email protected] .
If you'd like to purchase an art print of "Blood Moon" you can do so on the website HERE. 


Muslim Family Services Fundraiser Dinner | Oct. 2022

Muslim Family Services has been doing the deeply impactful work in our community for over two decades. They provide direct services and advocate for individuals and families in crisis, victims of abuse/crimes, refugees and others in need in our greater community. Grateful that I have been invited to share some poetry to help raise funds at this event. MFS is depending on their community to show up for them like they have shown up for us all of this time. Purchase your tickets today and please share this event with your family and friends. 

Please visit www.mfscolorado. org to donate. 

To purchase tickets click HERE.  


Workshop w/Collective Healing Through Art Sep. 2022

I have the honor of facilitating this workshop for the public! Collective Healing Through Art is really out here doing God's work by utilizing art as a healing tool and making it accesible to people that normally would not have the opportunity. Please come out to create with me on September 17th! I know we will have so much fun and I cannot wait to see what everyone creates. Register ASAP as space is limited.

See you all soon, God willing. 


Mural at Hiawatha Davis Rec Center September 2022

My good friend and artist Marley Boling was commissioned by Park Hill Financial District, 303Artway, Trust for Public Land, and the City of Denver to paint a mural on the outdoor basketball court at Hiawatha Davis Rec. Center. She drew up a couple of different designs and the community voted and chose the one honoring Park Hill legend and NBA player Chauncey Billups. Considering the large scope of work, she asked myself and fellow artists Jack Price & Trevon Wilkerson to help her complete the task. It was truly an honor to assist in this mural considering Denver is my home and many summer days I spent here playing basketball myself. I am grateful for the ways that art helps me to contribute to beautifying my city. 

The story was covered by Denver ABC 7news. To read more about the project click HERE. 

From left to right, Jannah Farooque, Trevon Wilkerson, Marley Boling & Jack Price. 

To view more of Marley Boling's work please visit her website HERE. 


MILA Family Retreat September 2022

MILA (Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism) will be having their first retreat since Covid, alhumdulillah.
This year I will be facilitating the children's art & writing program ages 7-11! We will explore  poetry, painting, calligraphy, making our own batiks and more! 
I've personaly attended this reatreat many times in the past, so to be invited to teach makes my heart smile. 

To preregister please text "MILA" to 303-748-7837 with your:
1. Name
2. Number of attendees 

Registration link will be released soon!

To learn more about MILA click HERE to visit their website. 


Commissioned Storefront Sign for Brother Jeff's Cultural Center June 2022

Brother Jeff asked me to paint a sign for his cultural center just in time for the Denver Juneteenth Celebration and y'all, I felt soooo honored! If you're from Denver/5 points you already know the significance that his spot holds. It was one of the first places that I saw beautiful Black peopled gathered doing what we do. Feels incredible to have a little piece of my heART on the historical Welton St. Alhumdulillah.  For a time-lapse of the process watch the video below. 

For more info about Brother Jeff's Cultural Center please visit www.brotherjeff.com


Flagpole Project w/Art Student's League of Denver June 2022

The Art Student's League of Denver put out a call for artists to create flags that are representative of the history and culture of Denver and Colorado as a whole. I ended up creating two flag designs, although they differ in appearance, the meanings are the same. I wanted to highlight the cultures of the Black, Native and Chicano peoples.

For the first flag, the serape fabric is for my Mexian siblings. Serape is traditionally a woven blanket that is very popular in their tradition. As we know much of Mexico was stolen by the settlers and America will always be their land. The mudcloth pattern is representative of Black/African Americans. Mudcloth is from Mali, a west African country. West africa is where most of my people where stolen from. Mudcloth is made by fermenting mud then using that to stain the cloth. The symbols on the cloth vary and each hold a story of their own depending on who made the cloth. Although this is not our original land we now share in the deep troubling and rich history of this soil. The Thunderbird is for my Native siblings who are indigenous to Turtle Island. The Thunderbird is found amongst many indigenous tribes such as, but not limited to, the Cherokee and Arapahoe. And we all know of their genocide that took place and continues to take place here. The cowrie shell is native to the west coast of Africa but through trade the shells have traveled through the Americas and have become a part of Native clothing and art as wel. I felt this was an important symbol that ties us all together.

On the second flag instead of mudcloth for my people, I used the RBG flag. "The banner, with its horizontal red, black and green stripes, was adopted by the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) at a conference in New York City in 1920. For several years leading up to that point, Marcus Garvey, the UNIA's leader, talked about the need for a black liberation flag." Quote via On Flag Day, Remembering The Red Black & Green.

The history, lineage, pain and joy of these three cultures are inseperable, woven together in such a beautiful and complex way. Whether if we like it or not, we share so many things and our commonalities will forever and always give us the most strength than our differences ever will.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

The Flagpole Exhibit runs from June 2022- July 2023, all the flags will be flying high somewhere in Denver. So be on the lookout.

To read more about the Flagpole Project and see what the other artists are working on visit Art Student's League of Denver by clicking HERE. 


Mural For Mama Bird Maternity Sep. 2021

I was asked to create a mural for Mama Bird Maternity and Wellness Spa representing the birth work community. During the initial process of deciding on what to paint, one of the yoga instructors from this space and a dear friend of the owner suddenly passes away. So instead, she asked me to paint a mural in remembrance of her. 

Mama Bird Maternity and Wellness Spa is a safe space of birth workers and healing practitioners who provide services to women of color and beyond. From massage to reiki to doula services, there is something for everyone. Mama Bird is located at 15200 E Girard Ave, STE 3100, Aurora, CO 80014. 


2nd Annual Black Love Mural Festivel Summer 2021

I was invited back again to participate in the Black Love Mural Festival for the summer of 2021  The festival runs through August 1, 2021. Below I am pictured standing with my completed mural titled "Flower of Life." The Arabic in the center of the flower says, "Allah," which means God in Arabic. 


Innervisions Collective Show @ BRDG PROJECT GALLERY June 2021

For the month of June, the Innervisions Collective that I am apart of, has been invited to show our collective body of work. All of the artwork is centered around heart work. Below is the painting I completed for the show, "Blood Moon." 

Below are Innervisions Collective Members (from left to right) Holly Kai Hurd, Jannah Farooque, Faatma Be One, Olivia Lucero & Xencs L. Wing. Aisha Renee, the 6th Innervisions member, is not pictured. Photo by Anthony Maes.



At the start of April 2021 I was commissioned to paint a window mural at Hope Tank, a Denver gift shop focused on giving back to the community, as part of their mutual aid initiative. Erika Righter's (owner) gift shop has been hit hard by the pandemic and was brainstorming ideas that would help keep her and others afloat. She wanted to sponsor artists to beautify the city by painting her store front window, but didnt have the funds to do so. She reached out to her community to see if other businesses or individuals wanted to sponsor artists instead. 

Keo Frazier, founder of New Thinkers, was the sponsor for April. Frazier's organization focuses on offering creative solutions to some of the world's toughest problems. 

The mural series at Hope Tank brings more foot traffic to Righter's shop, the artists get paid for their work, and the sponsorers also receive increased exposure for their businesses. It is a win for everyone involved.

The story has now been featured in The Colorado Sun . Click HERE to read the full article. Below are some pictures of the mural. 



HOPE-TANK-04062021-KS-078Jannah Farooque painting the window mural. (Photo by Kathryn Scott, Special to The Colorado Sun) 


HOPE-TANK-04062021-KS-126Erika Righter inside her shop.


Poetry Feature at University of Denver March 2021 

Come and join us for this event at Denver University to hear these powerful women speak. I will also be sharing some of my poetry with all of the attendees.

Due to covid this event will be held virtually only. 



I was invited to create a mural for The Museum For Black Girls. Watch the segment below from CBS4 to hear more about this interactive museum experience and to catch a peek of my mural.


The mural I painted below on the right. The museum will be up through August of 2021.151599158_10164828881850035_8664740254357933048_o





June of 2020 I was invited to be apart of the inagural Black Love Mural Festival in Denver, CO. This festival is in response to the current political climate. The event is a collaboration between Rob The Art Museum and IRL Art and the City of Denver, that will host 20 Black artists, curated by Robert Gray, Creative Director. 

Below is my completed mural Godis3 (1)






I had the honor of creating card designs for the Recovery Cards Project through the Lift The Label Campaign. Our story was featured on CBS News4, September of 2019. Watch the video below for more details.  



(Pictured Below) Recovery Cards Project artist Jannah Farooque, Tabitha Aaron; Governor Polis; Colorado Poet Laureate Bobby LeFebre; CDHS Executive Director Michelle Barnes; and Kaley Jones, who has been in recovery from opioid use disorder for nine years.  



I am part of the InnerVisions Art Collective, we create stories through art to get free! Summer of 2019 we were awarded a grant to paint a mural through the Denver Urban Arts Funds. Check out a short article from Westword for a few more details on all the grantees. 

Below Olivia Lucero and Holly Kai Hurd of the InnerVisions Collective, work on our mural at Akente Express, located at 919 Park Ave. West, Denver, CO 80205. 

(Below) Faatma Be One, Holly Kai Hurd and Jannah Farooque (with new baby in tow) work on mural located at Akente Express of Denver. 



September of 2018 I was the featured artist for Boulder County's 30th annual Multicultural Awards Banquet. That month I was also a guest on KGNU - PoCo in BoCo (People of Color in Boulder County). I was able to share some insight into my art journey and my inspiration behind my work. Click HERE to read the article and listen to the radio show.


Pictured above (from left to right) Nikhil Mankekar, co-host, Maciel leon , CAP Division Manager for Community Action Programs , Myself and co-host Tracey Jones. 


Original painting "Beating" is available for purchase. If interested you may use the "Contact" page or email directly at [email protected] .